Natural Treats - Rawhide Alternatives for Dogs

The Benefits of Natural Treats

Natural treats are well known to be the better option for your dog. Natural treats are a range of chews and snacks that are in their most raw & natural form. They contain no chemicals, fillers or preservatives. The term 'natural' means that nothing has been added and has only been created using physical processing whilst maintaining its composition. Natural treats have lots of fantastic benefits such as dental health & digestion.

We've listed below some of our natural treats and their unique benefits for dogs! 

Pigs Ears

Made from cartilage, they are a softer chew but longer lasting. Pigs ears contain a high protein content (around 69%) and help support strong muscles. Pigs ears also contain a source of amino acids, and can contribute to dental health.  

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Rabbits Ears

Rabbits ears are fabulous for digestion and are a great crunchy treat for your dog. They are low odour and help clean the dogs teeth. Although there is no official study, furry rabbits ears have been known to be a natural de-wormer. 

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Bully Pizzles


Bully pizzles are made from bulls penis (yes indeed!) and they are a popular natural treat for aggressive chewers. Pizzles have a firm texture and are long-lasting. They provide mental stimulation for dogs, aid in plaque removal and are low in fat. 

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Fish Treats


Fish based treats are great for dogs looking to maintain a healthy weight. Low in fat, fish based dog treats supply your dog with essential amino acids, vitamin D and omega 3. Choosing a fish based treat is great for supporting skin and coat health. Dogs love the smell and crunchy texture of fish based treats and for dogs who are looking for a more hypoallergenic option, fish is the one!

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Home Baked Dog Treats


There's nothing better than home baking! Home made dog treats don't contain the same amount of fats & chemicals that are often found in cheaper alternatives. Purchasing natural based, freshly baked treats are better overall for your dogs digestion and you know exactly what your dog is eating. 

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Top tip - always make sure your natural treats are sourced from reputable vendors and are free from any chemicals or preservatives. 

At the Hound Ville Dog Bakery, we're dedicated to providing the best dog treats for your pup. Whether it's our birthday cakes, natural treats or brownies - our dogs deserve the best! What's your dog's favourite natural treat? Pop your fave in the comments!



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