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Our Custom Dog Cake Creations

At The Hound Ville Bakery, we love creating bespoke dog cakes! We always do a little happy dance when we get a custom order. We can create custom dog cakes for birthdays, 'gotcha days' and important milestones for your pup. If you're undecided on what type of cake you're after, we wanted to share some of our recent dog cake creations to inspire your decision!


The Rainbow Dog Cake!

This is definitely one of our favourite creations. This peanut butter based cake is made using natural peanut butter, whole wheat flour and iced with low-fat cream cheese frosting. We added the colour with dog-safe food colouring with no nasties. To finish off, this rainbow cake is topped with home-made donuts, carob chocolate and brownies! Pawfection!


Choco-tastic Dog Cakes!

Dog-Safe Chocolate Cake Carob Peanut Butter - The Hound Ville Dog Bakery

Vinnie & Millie are choccy lovers for sure and we know our dog's shouldn't miss out! These chocolate cakes are made using carob powder - a dog-safe alternative to chocolate. Topped with home made biscuits and a chocolate star, this is the perfect cake for puppies who are chocolate lovers.

Peanut Butter Dog Cake!

Peanut butter bone dog cake - The Hound Ville Dog Bakery

We're pretty certain the majority of dogs love peanut butter. We haven't met one yet! Peanut butter is a great fibre source for dogs, as well as containing protein and healthy fats. This peanut butter based cake has a peanut butter base and icing. Then we top it with homemade oat biscuits. We only use natural peanut butter with no palm oil or added sugars in our bakes. 


The All Rounder Cake!

Banana & Peanut Butter Dog Cake - The Hound Ville Dog Bakery

Created with a banana and oat base, this cake is hand iced with natural peanut butter and decorated with oat and banana biscuits. Topped with dog-safe choccies of course. This is the perfect cake for dogs who love a bit of everything. 

What do you think of our bakes? At our bakery and natural treats shop, we can create you a custom dog cake for any occasion. If your dog as an allergy, we're able to swap out ingredients to suit their needs. For wheat allergies and intolerances, we can use alternatives such as coconut and rice flour. Just let us know when you order. 

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